What's Happening?
The team of Legge Lewis Legge has been chosen to recieve the New England Foundation for the Arts 'Art & Community Landscapes' grant. Legge Lewis Legge will travel to Boston in March to meet with the neighbors and other members of the project team to continue evolving our plans for the site.

Thank you to Model Hardware for their donation of tools and supplies to help us keep the Green Strip clean!

Speaking of clean, please join us for our monthly clean up on first Saturday of each month at 9:30 so we can keep the Green Strip looking good.

Stay informed, Get involved, Join our Yahoo Group
The best way to stay informed about happenings with the Lincoln Street Green Strip and get involved with the project is to join our Yahoo Group. By signing up you will get information about future meetings and other events.

Where is the Lincoln Street Green Strip?
The Lincoln Street Green Strip is at the east end of Lincoln Street in Allston, between Lincoln and Cambridge Streets, near Mansfield and Royal Streets.
Near the west end of the Green Strip there is a stairway and ramp that connect Lincoln and Cambridge Streets. The route 66 bus stop is at the top of the stairs and ramp.
Click to download aerial photo PDF(letter size) - 1":100' or aerial photo PDF(legal size) - 1":40'

Project Sponsors
The Lincoln Street Green Strip has been awarded a $50,000 grant by the New England Foundation for the Arts for its Art & Community Landscapes Boston program. Read more about the NEFA Art & Community Landscapes program in the Request for Proposals or the NEFA website.

A $22,000 pre-development technical assistance award was made by the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development. Read the Request for Proposals.

Media Coverage

Boston Globe
Feb 13
Allston-Brighton TAB
May 6
Allston-Brighton TAB
May 27
Allston-Brighton TAB
Sept 9
Allston-Brighton TAB
Nov 11
Boston Globe
Dec 4
Allston-Brighton Bulletin
Dec 7

What does the Lincoln Street Green Strip look like today?
The area currently looks better than it has in years. The site was fortunate to get a thorough cleaning on April 18, 2005 by the Project Pride work crew. During winter months the site is particularly dreary. Plans to improve the site need to improve the "off-season" appearance.

What has it looked like in the past?
Trash and uncontrolled weed growth have been problems in the past.

Community Links
Allston Brighton CDC
Brighton Allston Historical Society
Allston Village Main Streets
Allston Board of Trade
Boston Redevelopment Authority North Allston Strategic Planning Framework

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